Granite and quartz are both beautiful and desirable home building materials, and many homeowners struggle when trying to decide between the two.

If you’re wondering whether one material is better than the other, it will depend on various factors, including appearance, price, maintenance and durability.

You will have to look at the differences to determine which material would be best for your home, preferences and needs, and the following guide will help you make an informed decision.

Granite is completely natural and is a very hard stone mined from quarries worldwide. In contrast, quartz is not entirely natural, and countertops are manufactured using ground natural quartz and polymer resins.


Granite is available in several colours and patterns because of the way it is formed, and no two granite countertops will be the same. With quartz, your selection process will be even more straightforward because, unlike granite, you will not have to search for the right piece that matches your colour scheme and find the exact countertop you want in terms of design.


Granite countertops generally cost less than quartz, although this will depend on the quality and edging style. You can do some preliminary work yourself to save money in both cases. Still, it’s always best to leave the installation portion to a professional to install your countertops correctly.


Granite countertops will have to be cleaned daily with soap and water or a mild household cleaner. Quartz countertops will also require you to clean spills with soap and water, although this will be in terms of maintenance, and you will not have to reseal your countertops because of their solid surface. It is recommended that your countertops be resealed once a year to protect your investment and ensure longevity.


Quartz is harder than granite, so it is considered more durable, and because it is not porous like granite, you will have an easier time keeping your countertops bacteria-free. Although it is porous, granite is heat-resistant and durable. You may experience some staining if spilled liquids are not wiped immediately. However, quartz can be damaged by excessive heat.

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For many people, quartz is the better choice, but granite is the winner for many others. Here at Pacific West Floor Decor, we will discuss your budget and style preferences and will help you select the perfect countertops based on your needs.

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