Doing a kitchen renovation with a tight budget can be difficult but it’s not impossible. While not all renovations are the same, there are common methods you can apply that will help you be prepared and stay on track.

Be Realistic

It’s important not to set your budget too low, especially if you haven’t researched the costs of renovation materials, labour and more. Doing this will only limit what you can do, while also guaranteeing you’ll go over budget at some point. Avoid saving money by cutting corners, as it will cost you more in the future depending on the damage it could cause to surrounding areas or fail entirely due to the poor quality. Evaluate everything you want to do in your kitchen remodel, how much it will truly cost to be done right, and either accept the price upfront or wait a few months and save up.

Be Specific

In order to stay on budget while renovating your kitchen, you need to know exactly what you want to be done, the materials you want to be installed and the timeline in which you want everything completed. This is one of the best ways to properly stick to your budget, as you’ll know what you’re paying for at the beginning and can properly estimate the final numbers. Do this before hiring a contractor so the estimate they give you will be as accurate as possible.

Don’t Stray from the Design

Your budget is likely to get out of hand if you constantly change your mind about what you want. It’s tempting to add fancier hardware or more cabinet space once the renovation is underway, but those unexpected costs will add up over time, increasing your budget. It’s unlikely that you’ll know the new final cost that includes your last-minute additions until you get the bill at the end of the job.

Have a Contingency Plan

Nine times out of ten, a kitchen renovation isn’t going to go exactly as planned. Unforeseen issues like old, damaged plumbing or rotten subfloors can add unexpected expenses to your budget. Be prepared for this by setting money aside to deal with these potential problems. It’s best to add 15 to 20% to your job estimate, as you’re less likely to have to sacrifice a design element when you already have an emergency fund on hand.

Simple Ways for a Quick Remodel

New Paint Job

Sometimes the best way to freshen up your kitchen it with a new coat of paint. This is an inexpensive way of changing up the look of the room without spending too much. You can paint the walls and cabinets to give your kitchen a brand new look.

New Lighting

Installing new light fixtures will change the atmosphere of the room, making it seem more modern or cozy depending on the light itself.


Changing up your kitchen’s organization features can help to both improve functionality and appeal. Installing new shelving or racks creates the best of both worlds when updating your space.

The Finer Details

Sometimes a kitchen just needs small hints or decor here and there to change it up. This could be anything, from switching out the cabinet hardware to adding plants or a small herb garden.

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