Ugly scratches and marks on your hardwood floor can really ruin the look and charm of your home. Although you cannot completely avoid them, it is definitely possible to get rid of or minimize the scratches so that your home continues to look appealing. Before getting down to the cleaning business, it is first important to understand what your floor finish is made up of. If you haven’t installed the floor or aren’t sure what kind of finish it has, talk to a hardwood floor specialist to get appropriate guidance. Identify whether you have a wax coating, wood varnished or stained, or aluminum oxide coating before you begin the removal process.

Begin the scratch removal process by spotless the surface before proceeding towards the next steps. You can start by removing all traces of dirt and grime from the floor. Pay close attention to the scratch and remove dirt or grime trapped inside the crevices of the scratch. After ensuring that it is free from dirt, if you have a wax layer, use wax remover solution to clear away wax before you start repairing.

For the repairing stage, smaller scratches on relatively new surfaces can be repaired using a DIY solution. To prepare the solution, mix apple cider vinegar and olive oil in a small cup in equal proportions. Dab the mixture on the scratch and leave it on for the rest of the day. Rub it out in the evening and you will notice a drastic reduction in the appearance of the scratch. Another easy DIY method is to use a blending pencil on the scratch. Blending pencils are an incredible product designed specifically to get rid of scratches on hardwood flooring. Simply match your hardwood floor colour to the right shade of blending pencil, and you are good to go. On places where you notice scratches, apply the pencil and blend in the colour with the surroundings. This technique works exceptionally well for minor scratches.

Lighter scratches can be easily faded using finish restorer. For medium level scratches, you may have to think about applying a new coat of finish to the specific scratch area, without having to refinish the entire floor. Make sure that the finish matches the floor shade closely. If your wooden flooring was stained and not finished, a hardwood stain will do the trick. If you are dealing with too many scratches spread across the floor, using a finish restorer or stain may not do the trick. Instead, experts suggest sanding and refinishing the entire floor so that it does not look patchy.

It is important to choose the right method to get scratches off your hardwood surface without causing further damage. If you want more information on how to get rid of scratches on your wooden floor, contact Pacific West Floor Decor Vancouver’s best flooring and renovation store!!!