Do you have a persistent rust stain on your vinyl flooring? Not to worry! Even though removing rust can be a tedious process, it definitely can still be done. Here are two possible solutions that can be of good use: create your own cleaning solution or purchase a professional formulation.


Homemade Solution


This homemade solution is guaranteed to help fade the rust stain off your vinyl floor. First, get your hands on some vinegar, baking soda, and rags. Carefully spread a thin layer of baking soda over the rust stain. Since baking soda has a rough texture, it will be able to easily lift rust stains, and oxidize it. Next, wet your rag with vinegar before rubbing it over the affected area. The vinegar will help with lifting the stain. Rinse the rag with water and repeat the same process until the stain has completely faded away. Vinegar can leave behind a very unpleasant scent, so don’t forget to rinse one final time and wipe the surface with clean water. If the baking soda doesn’t seem to be working effectively, you can wipe the area with rubbing alcohol after rinsing it with water. Afterwards, apply more baking soda until the stain has properly been removed.


Commercial Remover


There are many home improvement stores or marine supply shops that sell oxalic acid solution powder – a remover that can be used to eliminate rust stains, and can be found in wood bleach. However, oxalic acid is a poisonous substance, so if you do decide to purchase it, make sure to only buy a small amount or keep it out of reach of children. Also, wear gloves and a mask while using it.

In order to use a commercial remover, you will need 5% oxalic acid solution, a household cleaner, and a large bowl or bucket. The first step to this process is to sprinkle the oxalic acid all over the stained surface. Follow that by spraying the stain with a regular household cleaner, which will help aid the acid. The next step is to turn a bucket or bowl upside down over the acid. The solution releases fumes, so this should be done to prevent it from escaping into the air. When you have to remove the bucket, make sure to ventilate the area very well. Lastly, leave the solution on for one hour before rinsing well with clean water.


Products to Purchase


Before purchasing any cleaners, keep in mind that there are special requirements that need to be followed to avoid discolouring vinyl floors while removing the rust. Some household cleaners that will help remove rust stains if combined with oxalic acid include the following: Ultra One Rust Remover, Bar Keeper’s Friend: Bar Keeper’s Friend, and Zud.


Products to Avoid


When removing your rust, steer clear of chlorinated floor cleansers. This will lead to even more staining and can cause irreparable damage. Using regular bleach on vinyl can also cause issues, like permanent white splotches, especially if the floor is coloured. One of the only types of bleach that can be used is wood bleach. Chlorine bleach is made up of oxidizers, so it will leave rust on your flooring and also discolour your floor design or cause yellow stains.


Preventing Rust Stains


You can avoid rust stains by properly caring for and preparing your floor with appropriate finishes and treatments. Consider following these tips to help prevent rust from forming: avoid using metal nails to install your flooring, do not spill water on your floor, keep the faucet flow low, and relocate rain-soaked coats and shoes to a different area of the house. By taking extra preventative measures and cleaning the rust stains from your vinyl floor, you will be able to keep it looking brand new for years to come.

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