We all take so much pride in decorating our homes, especially when it comes to choosing the carpets, window drapes, furniture, etc. We try to pick the most impressive patterns, colours and materials which will help improve the look and feel of our home. Carpets are one of the most important parts of this overall decor. They not only offer the much-needed warmth in freezing winters but also help increase the appeal of your rooms. Choosing the right carpet from the best carpet store near your home may be easy, but maintaining the carpets can be quite a task. Homeowners never seem to find an answer to how often should you clean your carpet.

The answer to ‘how often should you clean your carpet’ really depends on how much traffic your carpet gets and whether you have pets and kids. As a general rule, it is best to get your carpet thoroughly cleaned from a professional cleaning service at least once a year. They usually use specialized carpet shampoo and cleaning agents to get the dust, dirt, stains and grime off your carpet. However, if you have kids or pets, the frequency differs.

Cleaning when you have kids

Having a clean carpet when you have kids is important for two main reasons. Firstly, your kids are bound to spill food, crumbs or beverages on the carpet quite frequently, and it can result in a stained and smelly carpet. To keep it fresh, it is best to schedule the cleaning every six to twelve months. The second reason why you must have your carpet frequently cleaned is so that your kids can stay in a clean, germ-free and dust-free environment. Remember that carpets are a thriving ground for endless bacteria and germs that can result in many respiratory issues and other illnesses.

Cleaning when you have pets

Pet owners typically need to clean their carpets more often. As your dogs and cats tend to go outside, they often bring dust, dirt and grass inside the home. You may also have a few instances of urine accidents on your carpet which can only be taken care of by a professional and deep cleaning carpet company. Homes that have pets must get their carpets cleaned every three to six weeks professionally, in addition to vacuuming twice every week.

Cleaning your carpet correctly is just as important as cleaning any other part of your home. For example, you will probably approach the best tile store in Vancouver to understand how to clean your home tiles or go to a Surrey countertops store to understand the right and most effective way of cleaning countertops. Similarly, it is important to consult a well known and reliable floor decor store like Pacific West Floor Decor, to understand how to clean your carpet effectively. Whether you want to buy a new carpet or clean an older one, Pacific West Floor Decor can help you with all your questions and concerns related to floor decor and carpets.