Whether you’re doing complete renovations to your kitchen or just want to upgrade certain parts of it, the kitchen cabinet display is a perfect area to start. Your cabinet display symbolizes your personal style, which is why it’s important to design it with detail and flair. There are various design concepts to choose from to instantly complete and even elevate the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Whether you’re aiming for a completely functional display or one with a more trendy aesthetic, you can achieve it with relatively simple embellishments and alternations. Check out Pacific West Floor Decor’s guide to get started:

1. Texture

Wood is definitely a fan favourite for kitchen owners everywhere, whether for cabinets, islands, dining tables or other kitchen essentials. However, classic wood material can be quite limiting and less appealing to look up. Go for a modern update while maintaining a sense of the traditional feel with textured wood cabinets. Exotic woods with striped grain create a unique design that will really catch the eye of your guests.

2. High Gloss

High gloss cabinetry adds a futuristic, sleek visual appeal to a kitchen to keep it up to date and completely modern. These kitchen cabinets are also much easier to keep clean than other cabinet material. With just a soft, damp rag you can wipe down and clean the high gloss surface easily to reveal the sleek cabinet appearance and instantly brighten the reflective material.

3. Two-Tone

Get creative with your cabinets by choosing a two-tone surface and effect. The two-tone design is on-trend and instantly elevates the overall look of your kitchen. These are the most popular two-tone kitchen cabinet styles:

  • High and Low Two-Tone: This style involves one colour on the lower cabinets and a different colour on the upper cabinets to create a complementary design that is fresh and unique. Opt for a deep, rich shade on the lower cabinets and a lighter shade or even white for the upper cabinets.
  • Original Two-Tone: You don’t have to necessarily mix and match colours to achieve the two-tone look. Choosing cabinets that already have a two-tone style which is one colour for the cabinets themselves and a different colour for the frame of the cabinets can achieve this look. 


4. Floating Cabinets

This cabinet style is extremely contemporary and makes kitchens really stand out. A floating lower cabinet opens up space and functions as both functional while maintaining chic appeal. Add lighting underneath the floating cabinets for a warm glow and to brighten up the kitchen.

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