It’s very common to choose your cabinets before anything else when remodelling your kitchen. The exterior of your cabinets make up most of the space, which is why many people select the style and colour of their cabinets before selecting anything else. Once this aspect has been decided, you will need to select your new countertops next and there are ways of pairing countertop colours with your cabinets to ensure a beautiful appearance, particularly when your cabinets are dark. 

The combination possibilities are endless, which is great in terms of selection but challenging when you have to narrow it down and settle on a final decision. 

A popular choice is to pair a light countertop with dark cabinets to create contrast. Not only will this provide for a beautiful design, it will help break up the darkness of the cabinets by providing more light so that your kitchen is bright instead of gloomy. Dark cabinetry is stunning but pairing it with dark countertops will be too much and unappealing, aesthetically speaking. A light and creamy countertop will provide the perfect balance between light and dark and your kitchen will stand out quite beautifully. 

If cream coloured countertops are not to your liking a white design is another option you can definitely consider. This will look very modern, especially if your cabinets are black or a very dark chocolate brown because the white and dark combination is a classic choice. Whether your kitchen is traditional or modern in terms of design, the vivid contrast between the dark cabinets and white countertops will create a space that is crisp and beautiful and you’ll love spending your time in such a beautiful kitchen.

Gray is another popular choice for countertops because it’s easy to coordinate and looks great with so many different cabinet colours. It blends smoothly into almost any kitchen and creates a look that is classic yet modern and very sleek. Even a dark gray will look great and will create an elegant setting with a very unique style so don’t shy away from dark cabinets and dark gray countertops if that is your preference. 

If you want to add some additional flair, you can select a countertop with golden variants that look incredible when paired with dark cabinets. The metallic elements will really shine, especially if your cabinets are simple because these countertops will give your kitchen a lot of edge style wise. Your kitchen will not only be unique, it will be very stylish too. 

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