When you are doing a bathroom renovation, you will most likely learn a lot about grout as you may need it for your bathroom countertops and tub. There is epoxy grout, sanded grout, non-sanded grout, coloured grout, and more! Among these different types of grout is acrylic grout. Many of us who don’t work in home improvement might be confused about this type of grout and how it is applied.

Acrylic grout is unsanded grout made from a mix of latex with an acrylic additive. This grout type is meant to be gentle on tiling; unlike other types of grout, acrylic grout has a specific level of flexibility which makes it a great choice for areas that need joining that are prone to a little bit of movement.

Using the right grout during a renovation is one of the best ways to help you make sure that your remodelling prophecy goes smoothly from start to finish and continues performing for years to come.

Acrylic grout is a niche type of grout used for very specific types of jobs. Acrylic grout is best used for sensitive or delicate types of tiling, such as marble or ceramic. The acrylic polymer additive will make this grout more water-resistant, and it also helps improve the flexibility of the grout.

One good rule of thumb is that you can use acrylic grout in nearly any situation you would want to use epoxy grout. So some of the best places to use it include bathrooms, pool rooms and spa houses. It is best for super thin spacing in areas where using epoxy would be popular.

Since acrylic grout is made for sensitive tiles in wet locations, this is usually a great choice for projects in high-traffic areas that also involve water. Commercial venues like spas, banyas, public restrooms and hotel pool rooms will tend to do well using this type of grout. This is particularly good for use with elegant tiling, which is prone to chipping or getting scratches.

Acrylic grout is like regular latex or silicone grout, with one exception. The part of the process which involves adding water to the mixture, acrylic additives, will replace the water. This is what causes the grout to be more flexible. Most companies will sell their own acrylic-hybrid grout that do this and add some other proprietary additives.

If you want to make your own acrylic grout, you can. Many companies will sell acrylic additives on their own, so you can make your own as long as you follow the instructions carefully. You should be able to turn any regular old latex into acrylic grout.

One common reason people use acrylic grout is that it is great for conditions requiring many temperature changes. Specifically, places that have a lot of freeze/thaw conditions or experience extreme heat. The flexibility of acrylic grout is responsible for its versatility.

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